Since I've been at home today I cleaned my room little bit and I found a candle that my friend gave me before.

I didn't light the candle up but it really smelled good and that fragrance made me relax..

Now, we living in Japan are really having a hard time but everybody around me is trying to do their best and do what they can do right now.

I was thinking like that while I was taking a deep breath with the aroma of magnolia.


This incense is very unique and extraordinary. It is a subtle yet distinct fragrance . Definitely for connoisseurs.

The genus Magnolia comprises about 80 species from temperate and tropical parts of East Asia and America. Before the most recent ice ages Magnolias were also found in Europe.

Magnolias are well known as garden plants, but some have also been used in medicine, to spice food (sweet bay) and the wood has had many uses.

Magnolia incense is the fresh evergreen fragrance. Extracted from the flowers of evergreen trees to form a soothing and calming perfume.

Magnolia is thought to be an excellent enhancer to meditation and psychic awareness. It is also used in love mixtures and is said to bring peace and harmony.

Magnolia is used in aromatherapy as an aid to Love, to maintain a faithful relationship, fertility, prosperity, purity, clear thinking and power. It’s planetary rulership is Venus.